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The Austrian company, Stolzle Lausitz, is a leading maker of glassware.

Stolzle Lausitz took over the Lausitzer Glaswerke of the former East Germany in 1996, the Lausitzer Glassworks being based on the Lausitz area, where glass has been manufactured for some 500 years utilising the region's sandy soils.

The brand Stölzle stands for innovation and quality: lead-free, crystalline glass, brilliance, high dishwasher and breakage resistance as well as an ideal price/quality ratio.

Stölzle Lausitz is specialized in produ-cing machine pulled and melted stems. These crystal clear glasses have neither joint between stem and bowl nor seamlines, with characteristics similar to handmade glasses.

Professional design guarantees opti-mum performance and appreciation of each beverage in its relevant glass.

Hotels, restaurants, airlines and the beverage industry benefit from these characters of Stölzle glasses. Around 35 million glasses per year are produced in Weisswasser and exported all over the world.


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SKU: 360-051

Stolzle Stemless Wine Tumbler 340ml Crystal Glass Carton of 48

$ 277.20
SKU: 3760007

Stolzle Ultra flute 185ml Height 217mm 48 Glasses Crystal Glass

$ 201.96
SKU: 3760001

Stolzle Ultra red wine 450ml Height 202mm 48 Glasses Crystal Glass

$ 201.96
SKU: 3760011

Stolzle Ultra water/beer 450ml Crystal Glass Height 171mm 48 Glasses

$ 201.96
SKU: 3760002

Stolzle Ultra wine 376ml Height 194mm 48 Glasses Crystal Glass

$ 201.96
SKU: 3760003

Stolzle Ultra wine small 290ml Height 187mm 48 Glasses Crystal Glass

$ 201.96
SKU: 360-040

Stolzle Wine Taster - 220ml Length65 (mm) Height/Depth155 (mm) Crystal Glass

$ 2.63

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